Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Couple Of Good Apps for Sentence Building

Sentence Magic is a good app for working on sentence building using 2 and 3 word sentences. Another app for sentence building is Read On Sight that uses 5 or more words to work on sentence building.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Advice for wheel chair mount

I'd like to purchase a wheel chair mount for my iPad. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any luck with a particular mount? Anyone get a mount that they do not particularly like? Thanks!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Keeping a notebook

I now have so many apps on my iPad that I have trouble keeping track of what I have downloaded. I have found it helpful to keep a folder called "this week" with the apps that are in my lesson plans for the week. Also, because SLP's have so many students, I find that I forget what apps worked well for which students. I now have a spiral notebook with each child's' name on a page. I write down the name of the app and any useful comments for the next time I use the iPad with that child. Seems to be working ok so far.

iPad 2 camera

I just got the iPad 2 and love the camera feature. I was just at the Early Learning Center last week helping a teacher create a book of all the displayed bulletin boards as well as making a picture schedule. I was able to take pictures with the iPad, take notes on the note pad feature about what the teacher needed and show some of the pictures I took to the visually impaired student right then and there. I found that the student was able to see himself on the large iPad screen. It was convenient to use one device to take notes and pictures. It was also nice to have a large screen to view the photo.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Math App

Math drills lite is also a nice took to use. You can choose +, -, x, or divide. It has steps to get through the problem and even a number line to explain how to get the answer. Really enjoy it!!!

Math App

I love the Sub-tasic and Add-tasic math apps. They are free. It starts with basic addition and subtraction. There are levels so the more they get right, the harder the problems. The only draw back is that the math problems are vertical and not horizontal like Investigations. However, it is an interactive chalkboard so the student can show their work drawing tens sticks and ones. They then check their answer with the calculator to see if they are correct. Really enjoy the app and use it often with those learning place value.


Monday, November 28, 2011

locking the position of the display

I just learned this at the training on November 28! Double click on the start button and slide the menu bar from left to right. This will allow you to make adjustments to several things. I was happy to find that I could lock the position of the display so that no matter how it was turned the image would stay put. This was a great discovery for me because I often have students check the bus routes on line. I am not sure why, but the file of the routes are oriented sideways. Before, I would turn the iPad and it would always display it sideways. If I held the iPad vertically, it would appear horizontal and vice versa. I was very happy to find this!


I just found this app. There are animal sounds, nature sounds, life sounds (complete with flatulence), sports sounds, etc. There is a "traffic" category with sounds that relate to traffic. There is a car engine starting sound, a crash, a car braking, etc. I plan to use this app to expose a few of my blind students to traffic sounds. What does it mean if you are walking in a parking lot and hear an engine start? What is expected of a pedestrian walking when they hear an ambulance? What is expected of a driver of a vehicle? With in climate weather days ahead, I need O&M lesson ideas for inside! I will report on how it goes...

Clock App

I found another clock app to use with students who are working on hour, half-hour, quarter to and quarter after the hour. This app is called clock master. Students scroll numbers to set the times for hour, half-hour, quarter to and quarter after the hour. Difficulty levels can be set along with having students find the time in written form instead of numbers. This clock app makes them think because they do not have choices to choose from when looking for the correct answer. Also numbers can be added to the clock to work on minute and 5 minute intervals.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Brailling on the iPad????

Josh Belcher shared this with me...

Basically, instead of spending $6K on a portable brailler, the iPad converts into one. The article states that the "virtual keyboard provides a custom fit for your phalanges no matter how big or small they may be". The app "populates the keys underneath the fingers" wherever they are placed. This is huge for blind folks as the most difficult aspect of the iPad is knowing where "buttons" are on the touch screen. They are working out some technical and legal details before it is made available...more on this to come! Thanks for sharing Josh!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How the IPad has improved the motivation of Students in my class.

I have found that the most effective use of the IPad is by using it as a motivation tool. I have started to only let students use it when they have all work completed for all their classes and have no missing assignments. This seems to motivate students to complete their work and be on top of everything. It also helps motivate other students when they see the students with all their work completed having fun and their stuck playing catch up with missing assignments.

Monday, October 31, 2011


I have been using my iPad in my resource room. I am finding it a great tool for the kids to turn to right now when they finish up classwork ahead of their peers. Its great to have a tool for the students to practice their basic math facts on that is user-friendly for them to use. I am finding that my alternate assessment students are more into the iPad than my other students. They are still loving the Motion Zoom app and locating where the numbers fit on the number line. They are also enjoying the kangaroo addition game and trying to beat their time. I am looking forward to get an VGA adapter, so I can use some of the apps as a whole group on the ENO board. A few of my students watched a video on fractions from Brain Pop and enjoyed taking the quiz. Right now, I am working on flashcards that they can practice and keep track of their progress with.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Doodle Buddy

I downloaded the Doodle Buddy app. Our students used it to write their names, addresses, and phone numbers. They enjoyed it. It is a really cool app for writing. Here is the website link for Doodle Buddy... http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/doodle-buddy-paint-draw-scribble/id313232441?mt=8

Friday, October 28, 2011

Multiplication Genius

Two of my student use this to reinforce multiplications skills. You can set the games to the multiples you want the students to work on. It shows the student the problem and then gives them a choice of 4 possible answers. My students love it! We have used this game during inclusion math as well.
I just downloaded an APP for Apraxia, called Speak in Motion. It is a free trial version. I have also been using the Talking Tom APP. It repeats what you say in a funny voice. Students working on articulation are able to practice the sounds/words that are difficult for them in a fun and engaging way.

Friday, October 14, 2011

From the ASHA Leader, 10/11/11, article "Apps: An Emerging Tool for SLPs" by Jessica Gosnell:
Receptive Language Apps (prices range from$.99 to $8.99) -- Speech with Milo: Sequencing; iPractice Verbs; Speech with Milo: Prepositions; ABA Receptive ID; Understanding Inferences; Splingo's Language Universe; House of Learning; Preposition Remix; & Name That Category

Expressive Language & Speech Production Apps (prices range from free to $29.99) -- PhonoPix; ArtikPix; Speech Trainer 3D; Smarty Speech; Speech Pairs; SLP Minimal Pairs; Story Time!; 60 Story Starters; & Language Builder

Augmentative Communication Apps (prices range from $29.99 to $189.99) -- Proloquo2go; MyTalkTools Mobile; Assistive Cht; AAC Speech Buddy; Tap Speak Sequence; Grade; TouchChat-AAC; Predictable & Sounding Board

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Speech and Language Apps

I found two great resource for SLP's, OT's and Special Ed teachers- www.speechtechie.com and www.therapyapp411.com Both are full of ideas for apps and suggestions on what to use them for during therapy or teaching.

Friday, October 7, 2011

News Article

This was sent to me from someone at the state level. It has a great link to "best iPad apps for kids". Check it out. The article also suggests an app called "Baby Finger", in which kids can tap images and colored shapes that appear on the white background. For anyone who has used a light box with kids, with this program, the iPad duplicates the light box. I know it is geared toward visual impairment, but give it a shot with any of your students with severe disabilities.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lakeshore Learning Apps - FREE for a limited time!

Lakeshore Publishing has recently posted 3 FREE apps appropriate for the primary grades.  Get them while you can....(did I mention they are FREE)??  Click on the links below for more information.

Beginning Sounds Interactive Game

Letter of the Day Interactive Activities

Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe Interactive Game

Math and English Apps from Oz

Many of you have asked me about Math and English/Reading apps, so I'm excited to tell you about Apps in Education, a great blog I follow.  It's published by a visual arts teacher in Australia who must spend an extraordinary amount of time reviewing apps. Aren't the Aussie's fabulous?!?

 The different categories included are:
  • Math
  • English
  • Health & Fitness
  • History
  • Science
  • Music
  • Art
  • Special Needs
Some of the apps are reviewed, some are not.

There are also links worth noting:  iPad Apps for Storytelling in the Classroom, and Mind Mapping Tools for iPad.

As always...post something on the blog if you find a new app you think would benefit our students!

20 iPads Distributed to Teachers and Speech Pathologists!

Last week we deployed iPads to another group of special education teachers and to all of our speech pathologists - they were a happy group!  The SLPs are excited about the prospect of using the iPads with limited and non-verbal students.  Today we purchased an app called TouchChat for them, and I can't wait to hear the feedback.  It's similar to the ProLoQuo2Go app that we initially purchased for the first set of iPad users, but the reviews on TouchChat as an AAC device are much better.

Not familiar with an AAC device?  Here's what Silver Kite, the publisher of TouchChat has to say...TouchChat is a full featured communication application for iPod/iPad technology. TouchChat fits into the product category of Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices. AAC devices allow individuals who cannot speak to communicate by spelling or selecting icons from a visual display. Words, phrases and messages are spoken with a built-in voice synthesizer or by playing back a recorded message.  It amazes me that such a little device has such HUGE potential!

We have 40 iPads on order; once they've been distributed, every special education teacher in the district that wants an iPad will be able to have one.  How I LOVE technology!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cargo Bridge Lite

One activity that the students seem to really like and challenge them is a game called Cargo Bridge Lite. The main purpose of the activity is to build bridges to transport cargo from one side to the other but if the students don't use the correct angles to build their bridge will fall. I use this for critical thinking skills and also as incentive to complete their work so they can play this game. I would like to get the full version because it is challenging and entertaining for them.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

ABC Magic

I have been using ABC Magic with my students. This app works on letter sounds. The students play a memory match game where they can either match letter to picture with the same sound or picture to picture with the same sound. The number of items to match can also be changed from 12, 16 or 20. The students that I have doing this enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Letters and Numbers

Dot to Dot Lite is a great app! Students love connecting dots, and this one focusing on ordering numbers as well as alphabet dot to dots. My kindergarten students love it. There is also a sight word app called Lite 1-2 (Sight Words 1-5). The full version can be purchased. This includes sight words and writing the sight words. I love the Number Math For Growing Mind. There are a lot of options for this app when working with numbers. The choices are /=, , missing number, skip counting, before and after, rounding, and arrange in order. There are different levels you can choose and number of questions. Can be used with several grade levels. All apps mentioned are free!


OT/Writing Apps

There are a few writing apps that I use with my kindergarten students as well as my students who receive OT. The apps are free. They are called Easy Writer and ABC Tracer. They have letters and number tracing as well as cursive tracing for older students. Pocket Phonics has letter sounds and writing as well as a word game. Pre-K ABC is a great writing app for the young students who are learning how to form their letters. All apps are free with full versions to purchase. Enjoy! I use this as a center in the classroom.


Visually Impaired Clock

I like this App for allowing students to monitor and manage time. It is high contrast which is good for visually impaired kids too! There is a negative background- black- with white numbers for the digital time. It displays only the hour and minutes. The bottom of the screen displays a red bar that begins at the left beginning at the top of the minute and then moves to the right as the minute comes to an end. I've had students set the iPad beside them as they work. When they know that they have 2 minutes for a task, they can monitor whether or not they are successful. A few times the iPad goes to sleep if the students have more than a few minutes to work. Not sure how to work around this. Anyone have any ideas?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

123 Writing

123 Writing is a counting and writing application. Students can count the number of objects, see the number of objects in number form, and see the number of objects in word form all on one card. At the bottom of the screen, they can trace (on writing paper) either the number or the word. They also get to choose which color they want to use to write the numbers or the words. I have been using this with one of my kiddos who needs to practice counting and practice writing legibly. She uses this app when she gets finished with her work early and we still have a few minutes. It's quick and easy practice!

Monday, September 26, 2011


September is coming to a close this week – please be sure to add a comment on the blog if you have not already done so for this month.  

Check out Jessica's note about creating folders for iPad, or  Tyler's note about Qwicki below. Both are great iPad tidbits.

Speaking of APPs – are there apps that you want for your students?  If so, please send me the  name, cost and how you would use it.  If you recently sent me an app request and haven't received them, send it to me again.  It's been a bit crazy around here and I've probably missed your email.

There is another training this Wednesday at 2:00 in the board room to distribute the next 20 ipads.  If  you want to attend as a refresher, please feel free to do so (it's a repeat of the session you attended for the new users).  I know that it usually takes me several opportunities to learn new information, so don't be shy about attending!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Creating Folders

For all of you who are proficient with technology, disregard this. For those of you like me, I was pleased to learn that I could create folders with my apps. Simply slide one app over onto another similar (phonics) app and the folder is created. The iPad does a nice job of naming the folder, but you may want to rename it. For example, it likes to call my folders "education". I need it to be more specific- "eye exams" or "navigation". This really was a an organizing, space saver for me! Hope this helps...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I am beginning to have fun with the iPad in my classroom. While I am still assessing to see what apps are going to work best for my two varied groups of students, there are two apps that have come in to very nice usage. One is called Speed Games. It is a simple app that has the students race against themselves in solving basic math facts. It has an "angry bird" technique to it as the students are trying to earn ribbons to open the next levels. I have been using this with students that are finishing word a bit earlier than the others. I have also been using Brain Pop. The students are enjoying watching the different movies in relation to their other subject areas. Plus, they like the quiz at the end of the movie.

I have a group of students that are in need of practice when it comes to counting. Any suggestions on quality counting apps that are not too juvenile?

Friday, September 9, 2011


There is a great app called Qwiki. You type in a word, idea, place, person, etc. and it provides a verbal explanation of the word you typed in. During the definition it will show clips of video, pictures, graphs and maps to further help you understand the concept. It is a great app for all students who may ask you what does that mean? The explanations are a little academic so they may be hard to understand for the students, so further break-down may be needed. I like using it with students and vocabulary words or to explain a concept. It is also good for educators to know their students. I have personally typed in some of the diagnosis's of students in my classroom to get a deeper understanding. This was created by I think the NY Times so it comes from a reputable source.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bills and Coins

I have been using the "Bills and Coins" application for my third graders. There are about six different types of money games that they can play while practicing with money. I have been using the "Counting Money" section and we have only used the counting with coins section. There are three different levels of difficulty. The app. shows the coins and then asks them to enter the total amount of money shown. This provides excellent practice for coin identification and for identifying the monetary value of each coin (as well as addition). When they type in their answers, the app. tells them whether they have too much money, the correct amount, or too little money. They can try to answer the question three times before the app. tells them the correct amount. The kiddos love using the iPad! They don't want to share the iPad, so needless to say we are still working on sharing the iPad for partner work! : )

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Great App for Spelling

I have been using Spelling magic with my students. I have downloaded Spelling Magic 1,2,3.

**Spelling magic 1 works on 3 letter words (a words, e words, i words, o words, u words and double consonants). With Spelling Magic 1 you can target individual 3 lettter words or work on several types at once.

**Spelling Magic 2 works on 4 letter words with consonant blends. You can select the category of words you would like to work on , such as animals, home, actions and so on.

**Spelling Magic 3 works on long phonetic words with 7 letters.

Each one works on picture identification, letter name, letter sound and spelling. I have been using this in my class and the students really like it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

List Making

There is an ap called the iRecorder. With this ap, a student who has difficulty writing was able to create a grocery list. This recording is then accessible within the ap under the name that the recording is filed under. The student took the iPad to Walgreens and accessed the ap/ recording. This will need a little more work as I needed to assist with identifying which recording was hers. She liked this avenue of making a list. There is no way to "cross" items off, so I needed to facilitate this portion.

Monday, August 29, 2011


As simple as it seems, being able to enlarge print on the screen by simply touching it...thumb and index finger moving away from one another...was HUGE for my VI student. She had experienced this function with her parent's phone, but was never able to use it due to the size of the phone's screen. She "loves" the iPad. Typically with a laptop or desktop, there is another step involved in order to make print on the screen larger. This usually involves a function key. I realize that this is a very simple function that the iPad has, but honestly, its simplicity makes a huge difference for this VI student and others here in the district.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Useful app

Here is a application that some may find useful. The application is called Flashcardlet. Its nice to put definitions on the front of the card and the student will read through them and then guess the word on the back. This is just a more advanced "index card" version, but is nice because the students can't destroy them and you can make an unlimited number of lists in the program. Therefore they could be used all year and again the next. Also they can be taken anywhere you take the iPad so it would be a nice thing whenever there is downtime in a trip or activity. (plus cards can't get lost!!) Just a quick free app I though I'd throw out there in case some liked it.


This idea won't blow anyone away, it's rather simple...

There's alot of relevant information that can go into the contacts application, improving the usability of the phone or tablet. When the phone rings a picture displays of that person, the ability to simply type a name into the maps or email application, etc. If the device is supposed to be more than a toy, it seems silly not to utilize this. Below are some screen shots from the iOS app, I'd imagine Android has similar fields. I think there's an opportunity to get creative with this depending on the individual, and whether or not they see the information as helpful/relevant.

Full Image

Full Image

OGT apps

Has anyone discovered any OGT apps yet?  I put in a request to Itunes for one, but I do not know what will come of it.  Kevin

Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcome Back to School!

It's hard to believe that summer is over and we've finished the first week of our new school year already.  I hope that you all enjoyed your iPads this summer and have become more comfortable using them.  I discovered so many new applications and had so much fun with mine.

We have completed the process and been approved for the volume purchasing program and are ready to start purchasing apps for you.  Nine of you requested ProLoQuo2Go to download and use with non- or limited-verbal students.  For those of you that aren't familiar with the app, it is very similar to many of the communication devices used by some of our students - and at a much lower cost.  It allows children to tap pictures to develop sentences that will help them communicate their wants and needs.  The application's website offers several great introductory videos  - click here to view them.  I would encourage those of you that have the app to go to the website and sign up for their newsletter - they are beginning to offer free Webinar's for new users.

My hope was to develop a process (i.e. for those of you who know me, that means FORM) for purchase requests, but I haven't made it to that point on my To Do List yet.  In the interim, I would ask that you send me an email of the top 5 apps that you would like the district to purchase for you, and include a BRIEF rationale of how you will use the application with your students. PLEASE be sure to comment on the blog about great applications that you are currently using, or after we purchase them, so that others can benefit from them as well.  On the flip side, warn us away from apps that you've tried and dislike.

Finally, I would like to know what your training needs are.  We've purchased 20  more iPads to distribute, so another "beginner" session will be offered, and you are welcome to attend if you need it a second time around.  I'm thinking that many of you are ready for an "intermediate" session where we can talk about advanced applications, short cuts and have an opportunity to share favorite apps.  Post your ideas on the blog!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Buying Apps

Does anyone know if/when apps will be bought for us? I agree that a lot of the free ones don't give you everything until you purchase the full version.

I downloaded MeeGenius. They have some books for free that are read out loud while having each word turn red while they read each word. There are also books to buy and I would love to purchase some.


I downloaded all of the math and language art standards. When you download on the internet, you can click on the box with an arrow and clock on add to home screen. It's nice to have at any time.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


I have went through quite a few apps. I see my students having the same difficulties that my own 5 year old does. On all of the free apps-there is a place for you to click it for a full version or to unlock boards that you can play. One of two things happen- either they click it and don't know know what to do to get back to the app or they want something that can only be played on the full version. Any suggestion?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My 13 year old has helped me a great deal.. I also have a student who I tutor who is special needs and he loves using the drawing pad to work math problems. We also used it for graphic organizers. I have tested many apps the challenge I am facing is really choose how to make the most of it.... during a typical day due to the fact that it can be used for 100's of things. I am a bit overwhelmed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Ok, this will be my official first attempt at blogging.my boys (5 and 7) have been helping me test apps. Alot have to many steps. The 2 free ones they enjoy are Rocket Math and Penguin race. The first is educational the second is for fun. I am still looking daily.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Math and Reading Folder

I am tutoring close to home and one student LOVES the Pizza 1 App. It is a great fraction app for beginning fractions. Number Math App is also a great tool for different skills such as skip counting, rounding and missing number. MeeGenius has free books that read outloud. The student I tutor really enjoyed listening to the story. Spelling Bug works on CVC words. The letters are mixed up and they have to drag the letter and put in correct order.

For older students, I found some multiplication and division apps. Play 19x19 works on multiplication facts. MathEdge is an interactive long division app that guides the student through the problem.

Just search the skill in the App Store and a lot of choices appear. Good luck!

Fun to encourage talking

I have a folder labeled fun. This way students are aware that these apps are for specific times of the day. Doodle Buddy, Draw Free, and Virtuoso are fun. This may be on the list, but the app Talking Tom 2 is great. It repeats whatever you say in a cat like voice. It is really funny and would be a wonderful tool to use for students who need to verbalize wants and needs.

When searching for an app from the app store, you can click on price and have the store only show apps that are free. That saves a lot of time. Good luck!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dictation app -dragon

I think that this app was mentioned at the meeting, but I have been playing around with it and using it to record notes about apps I have tried. I am really excited about this one, especially with a specific student that has dyslexia. The only problem I see with this app is you need to be in a quiet space because it will pick up background noise.

Fun incentive game

I have found a pretty cool game that could be used for an incentive with some of our students. The app is called " puppet show" you can download the lite version for free. ( just enough to get you hooked ). The app is $5. It requires about a third /fourth grade reading level. There is no talking and students have to read to get the clues and use problem solving skills to solve puzzles to figure out the mystery of the missing boy. Progress can be saved, this game can not be solved in one setting. The graphics are really cool, but the music can be a little bit spooky. It's kind of difficult to describe, but it is worth taking a look at it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Apps in Education: The Future of e-books

Check out this video about digital textbooks!!

Apps in Education: The Future of e-books

Apps in Education: Creating and Renaming Folders on Your iPad

My favorite iPad blogsite, Apps in Education, posted a "how to" on creating and renaming folders on your iPad. Click on the link below for more information...once you're there you may want to subscribe to the blog - it's a good one!

Apps in Education: Creating and Renaming Folders on Your iPad

Friday, June 3, 2011

First Entry

I posted the meat of my first entry here. (See kschanie@blogspot.com for the full version).  I'm new to these blogs and I am not sure if we are to all post here or separately.  So, I posted the gist here as well.

I see great potential for the Ipad so far.  However, today, I will point out a limitation.  One thing I have learned already, since predate the text generation, I am more of a typist (59 wpm with 80 percent accuracy...I am thankful for spell check) than I am a "texter" my next blog will come from my MacBook and not from the quirky qwerty of the iPad's touch screen. I so hate the user unfriendliness of toggling between alpha and numeric keyboards, the temperamental keyboard and the missing arrow and home keys. I don't see students writing term papers on this thingy unless they have mastered the hunt and peck or the modern day technique of thumbing.... and have ginormous hands. Speaking of hands, I'm likely to turn into a germophobic Monk, as I observe students pick their nose returning from the restroom only to leave their dozens of smears on the touch screen!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The iPad Project Begins!

Hello iPad bloggers! Today we met to learn iPad basics and shared a lot of information regarding great applications to use with our students. In the coming days, I will add information about different apps, as well as different websites that provide info about apps in the classroom. I encourage you to do the same. Whenever you come across a great application, PLEASE share the information with everyone by posting on the blog!  

I will order cases by the end of the week and email you when they arrive so that you can stop by to pick them up.

If you need technical support, please email Deborah Turner, Jennifer Haller, or Tim Clark (Tim is on contract with the district and uses middletownsuccess@middletowncityschools.com as his email address). Deborah will be working throughout the summer except for the last two weeks of June, and the first week of July - but I will check my email every few days.

I'm excited about the potential for iPads for our students, and thank each of you that chose to participate! Have a great summer!  
Deborah Turner

Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome to the Middletown iPad Project

Congratulations!  If you're visiting our blogsite, chances are that you're the lucky recipient of an iPad provided to you by the Special Education department.  We're so excited to have had the opportunity to buy 20 iPads to distribute to our intervention specialists for use with their students.

Primary Objectives

To determine:

  • How the iPad supplements the curriculum and can be used to provide interventions to students with disabilities
  • How 'digital textbooks' can be integrated in the classroom to accommodate various learners' needs
  • If the iPad is a tool that can effectively engage today's learners and enhance their academic success

Secondary Objectives

Does the iPad increase:

  • the use of interventions and accommodations in the general education classroom?
  • student motivation to learn?
  • student attendance?


June 2011 - June 2012 ~  Implementation
June 2011 ~ Distribution of iPads/Teacher Training 
June 2012 ~ Final Evaluation from Students and Teachers
July 2012  ~ Final Report

Questions or comments?  Please contact Deborah Turner via email at dturner@middletowncityschools.com