Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Math App

Math drills lite is also a nice took to use. You can choose +, -, x, or divide. It has steps to get through the problem and even a number line to explain how to get the answer. Really enjoy it!!!

Math App

I love the Sub-tasic and Add-tasic math apps. They are free. It starts with basic addition and subtraction. There are levels so the more they get right, the harder the problems. The only draw back is that the math problems are vertical and not horizontal like Investigations. However, it is an interactive chalkboard so the student can show their work drawing tens sticks and ones. They then check their answer with the calculator to see if they are correct. Really enjoy the app and use it often with those learning place value.


Monday, November 28, 2011

locking the position of the display

I just learned this at the training on November 28! Double click on the start button and slide the menu bar from left to right. This will allow you to make adjustments to several things. I was happy to find that I could lock the position of the display so that no matter how it was turned the image would stay put. This was a great discovery for me because I often have students check the bus routes on line. I am not sure why, but the file of the routes are oriented sideways. Before, I would turn the iPad and it would always display it sideways. If I held the iPad vertically, it would appear horizontal and vice versa. I was very happy to find this!


I just found this app. There are animal sounds, nature sounds, life sounds (complete with flatulence), sports sounds, etc. There is a "traffic" category with sounds that relate to traffic. There is a car engine starting sound, a crash, a car braking, etc. I plan to use this app to expose a few of my blind students to traffic sounds. What does it mean if you are walking in a parking lot and hear an engine start? What is expected of a pedestrian walking when they hear an ambulance? What is expected of a driver of a vehicle? With in climate weather days ahead, I need O&M lesson ideas for inside! I will report on how it goes...

Clock App

I found another clock app to use with students who are working on hour, half-hour, quarter to and quarter after the hour. This app is called clock master. Students scroll numbers to set the times for hour, half-hour, quarter to and quarter after the hour. Difficulty levels can be set along with having students find the time in written form instead of numbers. This clock app makes them think because they do not have choices to choose from when looking for the correct answer. Also numbers can be added to the clock to work on minute and 5 minute intervals.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Brailling on the iPad????

Josh Belcher shared this with me...

Basically, instead of spending $6K on a portable brailler, the iPad converts into one. The article states that the "virtual keyboard provides a custom fit for your phalanges no matter how big or small they may be". The app "populates the keys underneath the fingers" wherever they are placed. This is huge for blind folks as the most difficult aspect of the iPad is knowing where "buttons" are on the touch screen. They are working out some technical and legal details before it is made available...more on this to come! Thanks for sharing Josh!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How the IPad has improved the motivation of Students in my class.

I have found that the most effective use of the IPad is by using it as a motivation tool. I have started to only let students use it when they have all work completed for all their classes and have no missing assignments. This seems to motivate students to complete their work and be on top of everything. It also helps motivate other students when they see the students with all their work completed having fun and their stuck playing catch up with missing assignments.