Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dictation app -dragon

I think that this app was mentioned at the meeting, but I have been playing around with it and using it to record notes about apps I have tried. I am really excited about this one, especially with a specific student that has dyslexia. The only problem I see with this app is you need to be in a quiet space because it will pick up background noise.

Fun incentive game

I have found a pretty cool game that could be used for an incentive with some of our students. The app is called " puppet show" you can download the lite version for free. ( just enough to get you hooked ). The app is $5. It requires about a third /fourth grade reading level. There is no talking and students have to read to get the clues and use problem solving skills to solve puzzles to figure out the mystery of the missing boy. Progress can be saved, this game can not be solved in one setting. The graphics are really cool, but the music can be a little bit spooky. It's kind of difficult to describe, but it is worth taking a look at it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Apps in Education: The Future of e-books

Check out this video about digital textbooks!!

Apps in Education: The Future of e-books

Apps in Education: Creating and Renaming Folders on Your iPad

My favorite iPad blogsite, Apps in Education, posted a "how to" on creating and renaming folders on your iPad. Click on the link below for more information...once you're there you may want to subscribe to the blog - it's a good one!

Apps in Education: Creating and Renaming Folders on Your iPad

Friday, June 3, 2011

First Entry

I posted the meat of my first entry here. (See for the full version).  I'm new to these blogs and I am not sure if we are to all post here or separately.  So, I posted the gist here as well.

I see great potential for the Ipad so far.  However, today, I will point out a limitation.  One thing I have learned already, since predate the text generation, I am more of a typist (59 wpm with 80 percent accuracy...I am thankful for spell check) than I am a "texter" my next blog will come from my MacBook and not from the quirky qwerty of the iPad's touch screen. I so hate the user unfriendliness of toggling between alpha and numeric keyboards, the temperamental keyboard and the missing arrow and home keys. I don't see students writing term papers on this thingy unless they have mastered the hunt and peck or the modern day technique of thumbing.... and have ginormous hands. Speaking of hands, I'm likely to turn into a germophobic Monk, as I observe students pick their nose returning from the restroom only to leave their dozens of smears on the touch screen!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The iPad Project Begins!

Hello iPad bloggers! Today we met to learn iPad basics and shared a lot of information regarding great applications to use with our students. In the coming days, I will add information about different apps, as well as different websites that provide info about apps in the classroom. I encourage you to do the same. Whenever you come across a great application, PLEASE share the information with everyone by posting on the blog!  

I will order cases by the end of the week and email you when they arrive so that you can stop by to pick them up.

If you need technical support, please email Deborah Turner, Jennifer Haller, or Tim Clark (Tim is on contract with the district and uses as his email address). Deborah will be working throughout the summer except for the last two weeks of June, and the first week of July - but I will check my email every few days.

I'm excited about the potential for iPads for our students, and thank each of you that chose to participate! Have a great summer!  
Deborah Turner