Friday, June 3, 2011

First Entry

I posted the meat of my first entry here. (See for the full version).  I'm new to these blogs and I am not sure if we are to all post here or separately.  So, I posted the gist here as well.

I see great potential for the Ipad so far.  However, today, I will point out a limitation.  One thing I have learned already, since predate the text generation, I am more of a typist (59 wpm with 80 percent accuracy...I am thankful for spell check) than I am a "texter" my next blog will come from my MacBook and not from the quirky qwerty of the iPad's touch screen. I so hate the user unfriendliness of toggling between alpha and numeric keyboards, the temperamental keyboard and the missing arrow and home keys. I don't see students writing term papers on this thingy unless they have mastered the hunt and peck or the modern day technique of thumbing.... and have ginormous hands. Speaking of hands, I'm likely to turn into a germophobic Monk, as I observe students pick their nose returning from the restroom only to leave their dozens of smears on the touch screen!


  1. Although I don't think we need to set it up this way, I did by accident. However, the address is Wrong. It is...

  2. Kevin , I am doing ok finding some good apps, but still struggling with the blogging process. I am not sure if I am doing this right.