Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The iPad Project Begins!

Hello iPad bloggers! Today we met to learn iPad basics and shared a lot of information regarding great applications to use with our students. In the coming days, I will add information about different apps, as well as different websites that provide info about apps in the classroom. I encourage you to do the same. Whenever you come across a great application, PLEASE share the information with everyone by posting on the blog!  

I will order cases by the end of the week and email you when they arrive so that you can stop by to pick them up.

If you need technical support, please email Deborah Turner, Jennifer Haller, or Tim Clark (Tim is on contract with the district and uses as his email address). Deborah will be working throughout the summer except for the last two weeks of June, and the first week of July - but I will check my email every few days.

I'm excited about the potential for iPads for our students, and thank each of you that chose to participate! Have a great summer!  
Deborah Turner


  1. Wow. We are having so much fun. It has been a family project to help me. My three teenage children have helped me get internet connected, find apps download and tryout new apps. We had a great time with the (free books) app. downloading some of the great classics including picture books. The books read with a highlighter to help kids follow along. There is so much to learn. thanks so much.

  2. Just checking to make sure I can get to the blog site. (First time blogger :)
    Loving the iPad!