Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome to the Middletown iPad Project

Congratulations!  If you're visiting our blogsite, chances are that you're the lucky recipient of an iPad provided to you by the Special Education department.  We're so excited to have had the opportunity to buy 20 iPads to distribute to our intervention specialists for use with their students.

Primary Objectives

To determine:

  • How the iPad supplements the curriculum and can be used to provide interventions to students with disabilities
  • How 'digital textbooks' can be integrated in the classroom to accommodate various learners' needs
  • If the iPad is a tool that can effectively engage today's learners and enhance their academic success

Secondary Objectives

Does the iPad increase:

  • the use of interventions and accommodations in the general education classroom?
  • student motivation to learn?
  • student attendance?


June 2011 - June 2012 ~  Implementation
June 2011 ~ Distribution of iPads/Teacher Training 
June 2012 ~ Final Evaluation from Students and Teachers
July 2012  ~ Final Report

Questions or comments?  Please contact Deborah Turner via email at

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