Friday, September 2, 2011

Bills and Coins

I have been using the "Bills and Coins" application for my third graders. There are about six different types of money games that they can play while practicing with money. I have been using the "Counting Money" section and we have only used the counting with coins section. There are three different levels of difficulty. The app. shows the coins and then asks them to enter the total amount of money shown. This provides excellent practice for coin identification and for identifying the monetary value of each coin (as well as addition). When they type in their answers, the app. tells them whether they have too much money, the correct amount, or too little money. They can try to answer the question three times before the app. tells them the correct amount. The kiddos love using the iPad! They don't want to share the iPad, so needless to say we are still working on sharing the iPad for partner work! : )

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  1. I have also been using the “Bill and Coins” application. We are working on identifying coin names and coin values and using the calculator to solve money problems. The students use the “Counting Money” section. They identify the names of the coins they see and using the calculator, they input the monetary values of each coin to get the total amount in order to answer the question, “How many cents are showing?” Students love to touch the screen to type the answers. They especially love the sound it makes when they correctly solve the problems.