Friday, September 9, 2011


There is a great app called Qwiki. You type in a word, idea, place, person, etc. and it provides a verbal explanation of the word you typed in. During the definition it will show clips of video, pictures, graphs and maps to further help you understand the concept. It is a great app for all students who may ask you what does that mean? The explanations are a little academic so they may be hard to understand for the students, so further break-down may be needed. I like using it with students and vocabulary words or to explain a concept. It is also good for educators to know their students. I have personally typed in some of the diagnosis's of students in my classroom to get a deeper understanding. This was created by I think the NY Times so it comes from a reputable source.

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  1. Tyler and I used this in class just the other day. It had a great verbal and visual description of a conveyer belt. We tried it again with "employee" and no luck. With more complex terms and ideas there seems to be informational! Thanks for sharing this one Tyler!