Monday, September 26, 2011


September is coming to a close this week – please be sure to add a comment on the blog if you have not already done so for this month.  

Check out Jessica's note about creating folders for iPad, or  Tyler's note about Qwicki below. Both are great iPad tidbits.

Speaking of APPs – are there apps that you want for your students?  If so, please send me the  name, cost and how you would use it.  If you recently sent me an app request and haven't received them, send it to me again.  It's been a bit crazy around here and I've probably missed your email.

There is another training this Wednesday at 2:00 in the board room to distribute the next 20 ipads.  If  you want to attend as a refresher, please feel free to do so (it's a repeat of the session you attended for the new users).  I know that it usually takes me several opportunities to learn new information, so don't be shy about attending!

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