Monday, October 31, 2011


I have been using my iPad in my resource room. I am finding it a great tool for the kids to turn to right now when they finish up classwork ahead of their peers. Its great to have a tool for the students to practice their basic math facts on that is user-friendly for them to use. I am finding that my alternate assessment students are more into the iPad than my other students. They are still loving the Motion Zoom app and locating where the numbers fit on the number line. They are also enjoying the kangaroo addition game and trying to beat their time. I am looking forward to get an VGA adapter, so I can use some of the apps as a whole group on the ENO board. A few of my students watched a video on fractions from Brain Pop and enjoyed taking the quiz. Right now, I am working on flashcards that they can practice and keep track of their progress with.

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