Friday, March 2, 2012

Homemade Key Guard

If you are using the iPad with an app that has several choices for the child to choose from, this can be a challenge for the child who has motor issues. I went to workshop yesterday and they suggested taking very thick cardboard (like from an old political yard sign for example) and cutting it to make a key guard for the iPad. You can customize your key guard to fit the number of choices that are available for that task- 4, 6, etc. I saw this used with the app "My Talk Tools". The screen was split into 6 interactive pictures...
It was used to include a student in circle time with the top left being the student's picture. When she touched it, it said "My name is ______". The top right had a weather symbol. When she pushed that it said "It is sunny". And so on. The key guard made this all possible. From a VI perspective, I think the key guard also created a visual border that helped to separate the choices too.

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